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Video Games and Science Education


​Video games: Are they wasteful, or worthwhile?Well before video games were created, a link between games and education was already cultivated. As early as ancient Greece, sports were a popular…
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NACHRDB: Solving the puzzle of ion channel functioning


Can you recognize this famous painting? Can you tell me how many pieces, if any, are missing? I know it is next to impossible!​Interestingly, we faced quite a similar problem in our research.…
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ALTMETRICS: The future of research impact measures


​For over 40 years, publishing papers in a journal with high impact factor (IF) gauges a researcher’s success. "While IF reflects the number of citations, it does not reveal the overall impact…
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Benefits of Social media in Science


As of now, we have 4.4 billion internet users worldwide out of which 3.5 billion actively use social media ( scientists using social media? Are they aware of the benefits of social…
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