Introducing the CEITEC PhD committee

PhD studies are a hell of a journey! The path may not be hassle-free, but at the end of the ride, you will find yourself as a changed person.

The CEITEC PhD committee is alleviating the minimal worries associated with this transformation. We are making PhD a fun-ride!

Members of CEITEC PhD Committee (from left to right in the back): Cosimo Lobello, Veronika Kozlová, Ivana Poštulková, Darya Volkava, Igor Turčan, Markéta Šámalová, Dragana Vukić, Tarakaramji Moturu, Táňa Macháčková; (in the front): Erik Képeš  

What’s the most crucial goal of the student-run PhD committee?

If you guessed improving the communication across the whole CEITEC organization structure, you are certainly not wrong. While students at many research organizations might feel underrepresented in decision-making processes, CEITEC formed a unique student committee. Unique both in size (compared to other research centres in the Czech Republic) and its spectrum of activities, the CEITEC PhD Committee (CPC: yeah, not the fanciest acronym, but we make up for it!) is here to improve our PhD experience.

How do we achieve this?

Firstly, we are weaving the communication thread between the students and the management. We listen to our fellow students (both by frequent surveying–such as our latest work regarding the length of doctoral studies – by enabling a community of PhD students and by guiding and helping each other through this stage of our studies. Moreover, we are currently compiling a crucial set of information to be made available on our CEITEC PhD website. Lastly, we share the students' opinions during management meetings. 

But there is more to us than bureaucracy!

Would you like to enjoy the evening with your colleagues?

Great! We’ve got you covered.

Join our quarterly thematical scientific mixers (such as our latest Halloween edition—one with creepy costumes!) and compete in pub quizzes for attractive prizes with a world-class beer in your hand (which also happens to be one of the cheapest you will ever have, great value!) and enjoy the pub quizzes.

Science mixer: Halloween special

Are you worried about your soft skills?

Our annual retreat is the right place to practice. Present your research in front of a friendly (and far from strict) audience and witness their intense focus transforming into cheers and laughter by the nightfall. There is guaranteed to be a good atmosphere, with productive discussions, and an opportunity to polish your skills and broaden your views on science; you will find it all at our CEITEC PhD retreat.

Sounds exciting? Come, join us.

Find out more on your favorite social media site and learn about the most recent activities on our website. Stay tuned.

Help us help you, we are here to nurture the PhDs for the future!

Contacts of the CEITEC PhD Committee (CPC):





Written by Erik Képeš

Edited by Somsuvro Basu

Publication date: 29.03.2019